10 Air Jordan 3 Outfits

The Air Jordan 3 Reimagine is easily one of the best sneakers to release in 2023. So let’s throw together 10 outfits.

  1. Start off with outfit number 1 where we see one of my favorite clothing items to rock during spring and summer. That is an open-collar shirt, this is actually a mechanic shirt from the brand amelion door and I just love the gold hits on here with the baby blue and the Navy very clean to complete that Workwear look. I went with a pair of Dickies 874 pants. I love the wide fit of these and the finished overall. These are essential pairs of pants that you should have in your collection and they sit on top of the shoe. So well for accessories, I went with an American needle New York Cubans hat, a time reissue watch to match the black and redheads of the shoe, and the ring I’m wearing throughout is from a jury.
    • For outfit 2 we see one of my favorite clothing items to style and that is varsity jackets. If you’ve been following my blog you’ve seen me wear this a bunch. It’s one of my favorite jackets of all time. I got it from a local vintage store. In my opinion that is one of the best places to buy affordable varsity jackets. The details are incredible and I love how it’s at one of the pants. However, are easily one of my favorite pairs of pants of all time. These are the M65 cargos from Alpha Industries. The details also on these are amazing. The straps along the thighs the cargo pockets and the snap side pockets are essential. I love these so much. I grabbed another color which you’ll see in the next fit. If you’re heading outside throwing a pair of Shades these are from retro Super Future. I got them 60 off on Essence highly recommend you check them out.
    • Outfit 3 features one of my favorite spring jackets to wear. It is from Nike ACG. I love the taupe color on here and the details on this jacket are just really incredible. Not only is it super lightweight and resistant to rain and wind but there are some cool details as I mentioned like carabiners along the front and a waist adjuster that allows you to taper the fit. Here are the M65 cargo pants in Black. I mentioned the thigh straps and the straps along the cuff but let me just tell you that the build quality in these is excellent and definitely worth every penny for accessories on this outfit. I went with a beanie from Oma old man Allen. Definitely recommend you. You check them out.
    • Don’t be mad at the back gains as we head into outfit 4 where we see this nocta purple spring jacket here. I love this jacket at first. I was a little bit on the fence with the fit it’s a little bit small. in my opinion, I should have gone with the medium. This is a size small but I love this color. I love it so much and when you pair it with a white tee and some great sweatpants you just really can’t miss it. It’s a bit pricey. The jacket is definitely worth it. Nocta is getting a lot better. In my opinion, the pants here are a pair of Levi’s gold tab sweatpants. They have the perfect taper and cuff. I absolutely love them. I need to grab these in more colors and I recommend you guys do the same for accessories. I went with a clear G-Shock GA 2100 and this white vintage Phillies cap just to match the accent colors as well.
    • For outfit number five we see another Workwear style featuring one of my most asked-about clothing items. This is the Carhartt work-in-progress salinak over a shirt. I absolutely love the fade and just a fit of these. I remember when I bought this and I put it on it was like it fits so good that I just knew that I had to keep it. The chest Pockets add some nice detail as well. These are a pair of olive carpenter pants normally I get them off, Grill. These ones are actually from Abercrombie. I was eager to try them out just based on the price and the fact that I can return them if I don’t like them. However, I do love these and I recommend you guys check them out. They have a ton of colors as well.  A gray beanie completes the look.
    • And moving along to outfit 6. We see one of my favorite pairings for Springtime and that is a hoodie and a pair of shorts. I love a good pair of mesh shorts. These ones have that Classic basketball Varsity style in shades of olive which surprised you to know I had to cop. I’m wearing a size small here. We have a cream-colored hoodie up top nice box you fit and to complement the accent colors I went with this light brown moon-shaped side bag and a trucker hat up top definitely love the neutral tone Vibes here. And these are a pair of Uniqlo half socks. I definitely prefer wearing these over the standard full-length crew socks.
    • Moving forward we have some more summery Vibes with this study mesh shirt. Crochet shirts are absolutely essential for the summertime. A lot of you guys say that the weather is too hot to wear. Certain clothing items will a mesh crochet shirt just like this one is super breathable and very stylish as well. The jeans are the most classic pair of jeans of all time. These are the Levi’s 501 with a nice straight regular fit nice and roomy along the thighs and have a nice wide-leg opening. Accessories include an Orient Bambino automatic watch and an amelion door two-tone cap to complete the look. This next look is probably one of my favorites in the entire article just the color combinations are super wearable and you can literally swap any sneaker and it would still match up top.
    • We have a Stussy graphic tee very subtle here just the stucy logo in the center and on the back it’s a cool surfing graphic. The shorts are a pair of Nike ACG cargo shorts. There are so many cool details on these like side zipper pockets and then smaller velcro pockets on top of the zipper Pockets. Accessories include the Uniqlo U drawstring waist bag easily. One of my favorite things I’ve bought recently and the hat is a vintage Bowl Snapback the watch is a G-Shock GA 2100 in all black.
    • Next, we have another pair of shorts and a t-shirt outfit. This time with a more recent pickup a nice pair of kith cargo shorts but first let’s talk about the tee. This is a vintage NASCAR tee. I love wearing NASCAR teas because they are always so vibrant in color and what I do is I get accessories to complement the accent colors which is what you’re seeing with this hot club Blue Jays hat. As mentioned the shorts have a ton of details on them. I love this taupe color there are four more other colors as well there are so many pockets on it carabiners zipper Pockets along the side. A little bit on the pricier side but it’s well worth it in my opinion.
    • Now, this is more of a casual look and more of a just-your-way-to a style of the Air Jordan 3 reimagined up top. We have this knit sweater from cost. They’re one of the best places to get knitwear period. The texture on this thing is absolutely incredible and to complete the sort of casual menswear aesthetic I went with a pair of dark jeans here. These are the Uniqlo Selvage jeans in a more regular straight fit. I wear the slim-fit ones religiously but I found that the wider pairs sit on the sneaker just a little bit better for more essential streetwear clothes to wear in the springtime.      
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