10 Dermatological Care To Treat Skin With Stretch Marks

One of the most common conditions on the skin of women that cause us a lot of conflicts is stretch marks. Definitely, you have asked yourself some times:

  • How to remove stretch marks?
  • Why do they go out?
  • What remedies exist to treat them?
  • Is it necessary to use dermatological pharmacy products to treat them?

In this post, I will clarify several of your doubts.

What are stretch marks?

Let’s start by explaining that stretch marks are skin atrophies (thinning and sinking
of the epidermis) visible as irregular lines that appear in certain areas of the
skin, such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks, breasts, and even the arms. Initially,
these marks may be purplish or reddish in color, but they lighten over time.
Its appearance is more frequent than you can imagine. But why do
stretch marks appear? 
According to dermatologists, they are a consequence of:

  • Hormonal/biochemical factors, such as the development of women’s bodies or
  • pregnancy.
  • Mechanical factors, due to excessive and sudden stretching of the skin.
  • Neurophysiologic factors: Stress prevents the body’s metabolism from repairing and
  • maintaining the structure of the skin, especially during puberty and pregnancy.

So they are a type of dermis scar as a consequence of everything mentioned above. As you can see, they are completely normal processes that all human beings go through, so they should not be considered something “undesirable”.

However, I understand that many times they make us think that it is a defect, so much so that having them can influence your self-esteem. Therefore, today I will tell you what you can do to treat them and make them less visible:

There are dermatological treatments that help reduce its appearance and texture: medical-grade formulations, based on derivatives of vitamin A, known as retinoids, which promote collagen production and help even out, as far as possible, the appearance of the skin.

Experts point out that the best way to treat them is to prevent their appearance by
moisturizing and caring for the skin, because eliminating them is practically impossible.

According to the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology, stretch marks appear in 90% of pregnant women
, so the recommendation is to take care of the skin during this
period by using moisturizing creams.

Skincare with stretch marks

The skin needs a series of daily care, according to its type, age, the environment in which we live, as well as the conditions it may present.

Below I share a series of tips from dermatologists, to care for the skin that already
has these marks, but also apply to maintain healthy skin at all

  1. Ensure good hydration
    Drinking water in the correct amounts, as well as applying moisturizing treatments to the skin, is
    a good way to help it preserve its elasticity.
  2. Moisturize the skin properly
    There are several moisturizing products that work as sealers, so they are
    key to helping prevent the skin from losing its natural moisture. Ideally, choose one
    suitable for your skin type.
  3. Protect yourself from the sun
    The effects of the sun on the skin can damage the appearance of stretch marks, even causing damage when they are recent, such as burns or inflammation. It is excellent to utilize broad-spectrum sunscreens.
  4. Apply professional treatments As we already mentioned, there are various medical grade products that you can get at any dermatology pharmacy, and that are specially developed to treat skin with stretch marks: creams, serums, massage oils, emulsions, and lotions based on formulations to improve the appearance of stretch marks or to prevent them.
  5. Exfoliate the skin weekly
    Another recommendation for skin care with stretch marks is weekly exfoliation,
    in order to remove dead cells and allow applied treatments to be
    better absorbed.
  6. Avoid smoking and tobacco smoke
    Various investigations have verified the adverse effects that tobacco has on the
    skin, because it decreases cellular activity, which affects its regeneration, and moisturizing, and causes a rough, dry, and cracked appearance.
  7. Exercising regularly
    What can be achieved with exercise is to oxygenate the skin and improve circulation to
    help regenerative dermatological treatments. In addition, the fact of strengthening the
    muscles can counteract the appearance of stretch marks.
  8. Avoid very tight clothing
    Very tight clothing causes continuous friction on the skin that can irritate it. Also, when it is made with synthetic fibers, it can cut the skin and cause lesions and redness.
  9. Add to your diet foods that contain all the nutrients
    Finally, as is well known, to achieve healthy skin and an overall healthy body, it is important to seek a diet that contains all the groups of nutrients necessary for the body.

Apply these treatments to your skin and always remember that you are more than a body and that your appearance does not define you.

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