5 Tips to Make Our Lingerie Look Like New For Longer

Within women’s clothing, lingerie occupies a prominent place, both for its particular trends in fashion and for the special care they deserve. This means that we cannot treat underwear like any other type of textile.

Lingerie implies a type of garment that is subjected to very particular wear. To avoid this, it is convenient to counteract with good care, especially washing.

Next, we share five essential tips when it comes to caring for women’s underwear and making it last longer.

5 tips for caring for lingerie

1. Hand wash

As we said, much of the good care of lingerie has to do with washing it. In this sense, something that they will tell us in any women’s clothing store is that we must do it by hand and with cold water.

In addition, we can use a special soap for delicate types of clothing. It is true that current washing machines have exclusive programs for these, but there is nothing like doing it delicately by hand.

2. Washing instructions

Although the above is a general rule of thumb for undergarments, whether it’s lacy lingerie or a sports top, it’s always important to read the washing instructions. We refer to those small labels with symbols that are on all garments.

This type of women’s clothing often needs specific care depending on the materials with which it is made, so following these instructions is key. If we don’t understand the symbols, we can always search the internet for what they mean to be sure.

3. Wash ball

Although this is not strictly required, a great idea to protect underwear is to use a laundry ball. Something fundamental especially in lace lingerie for women tends to be much more delicate.

These are small waterproof plastic balls where we can introduce our different clothes and wash them in the washing machine without being harmed.

4. Careful drying

Just as washing is important so that our lingerie looks like new for as long as possible, drying also plays a fundamental role. In this, the key is not to squeeze, twist or spin our underwear at high speed.

We must think about a type of care similar to that we would give to women’s clothing, which is usually delicate. For this, with women’s underwear, it is very important not to dry in direct sunlight which could ruin the fabrics.

5. Ample storage

Finally, especially for lace lingerie, the way it is stored is key. The essential thing, at this point, is to be able to store it in a wide, extended way and without wrinkling it to avoid deformations or marks.

For this, we can buy dividers that are used inside the drawers and allow better use of space without compromising the garments.

With this list of tips, we are in a position to take care of this type of women’s clothing in the best way.

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