Ben Affleck’s Impressive Spanish Skills Go Viral

Ben Affleck shocked the internet with his impressive Spanish skills.

“You know it’s wild to think about it that way.”

Ben Affleck

A recent clip of the actor talking about his new film air is going viral because some fans didn’t know his conversational Spanish is on point. While it came as a revelation to many, Ben’s not the first time he shared he’s bilingual.

“Yes but I got like a little bit of cool bandwidth now.”

Ben Affleck

Yeah during a visit to the Kelly Clarkson show a few years back the Stars spilled all about how he picked up the language so seamlessly.

“I mean I did this like a little kids TV series when I was young and when I was 13 That season that year was in Mexico. So I was in Mexico for a year and that’s how I that’s how I picked it up.”

Ben Affleck

No doubt Ben’s taught his kids a little thing or two about Spanish but he claimed his daughter’s expertise might have passed him up.

“All of a sudden she got into the grade where she’s like in the harder Spanish classes and she’s getting better and I and she’s like right at the point where I think she might be passing me and that’s why I was like nope this is not happening. I don’t mind that I can’t do your math homework if you’re 14 years old you are not going to be better at Spanish than me.”

Ben Affleck

At the time Ben declared he wasn’t letting that happen.

“So I’ve decided now I gotta like take classes I gotta do something gotta get a tutor to keep up because I can’t have my Fortuner she was like that sounds ridiculous you’re not using the imperfect tense I know two tenses. Now, before and the future that’s all.”

Ben Affleck

You need well those classes are sure to come in handy at the Affleck household. Ben’s currently married to Jennifer Lopez who’s a Puerto Rican descent and often sings in Spanish too. And let’s not forget about the role that skyrocketed JLo’s career her portrayal of the queen of Tejano music Selena. While most of the world is still reeling over Ben’s ease with the language. According to him not everyone’s too impressed.

“Also the problem with Spanish is that you learn a bunch of words like I learn all these words in Mexico some good some you know yeah and then you go somewhere else like you go to Spain or you go South America and they’re like no that’s not Spanish and I’m like we’re talking about it’s not Spanish. Well like I’ve never heard that word before in my life and it’s just like they say it in Mexico in Mexico they don’t speak real Spanish and then they allow like you have a Mexican accent.”

Ben Affleck
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