Curvaceous And Poleaholic

“Hello, I’m Arheli and I’m curvaceous. And poleaholic”, is the phrase I would say to someone who just met me. «A curvy doing pole fitness? Impossible”, some would say but. What do you think? That if you can.

“Hello, I’m Arheli and I’m curvaceous. And poleaholic”, is the phrase I would say to someone who just met me. Curves obviously can’t be hidden, but poleaholic? really? Well, I like it, I have been doing pole fitness for several months.

At first, I thought I couldn’t or, what many think, that it’s a skinny sport, but today I’ve been practicing this fantastic activity for 10 happy months.

Actually, I was never a fan of exercise; in fact, it wasn’t until my 30s that I was able to do a push-up (with that I tell you everything, dear curvaceous). I guess it was just a matter of finding an activity that went with me and entertained me enough not to want to give up.

This is pole fitness. At first, nothing comes out, you fall, it hurts and, of course, you get discouraged, but it’s a matter of the first movement coming out for you to want to continue… and continue… and continue.

That and the sign on the mirror with the legend “Forbidden to say ‘I can’t” are things that invite you to try as many times as necessary.

Today, after almost a year, I still wake up every Tuesday and Thursday morning with all the urge to go do push-ups, squats, and abominable abs that make muscles ache that I didn’t even know I had.

It’s worth it?

Of course! it’s all worth it in the world! Because every time I achieve a new figure or movement, the pain, and bruises (typical of pole fitness) are forgotten and the only thing that matters is that small goal achieved.

It is important to comment that, after 10 months, I have not lost a single gram of weight; and I say that it is important because the main reason for this post is not to tell you that you HAVE to exercise to lose kilos. I have not lost them.

The idea of ​​this text is to tell you how well it has worked for me to exercise without the purpose being to lose weight. I’ve been to the gym for a while, I’ve tried running or doing home exercise programs looking to lose weight and never quite finished the process.

So how does the pole influence my life?

For me, practicing pole fitness makes me happy, motivates me every day, inspires me, relieves me of stress, it makes me put problems and worries aside. It has also helped me work on a couple of issues that were not so developed in my person: Discipline and perseverance. Two factors that are easy to say and difficult to accomplish, however, are key elements in order to achieve our goals, whatever they may be.

Pole fitness came to change my scheme. In addition to making me stronger every day, it has given me a new perception of myself: that of the powerful Arheli who can do whatever she wants if she sets her mind to it, that Arheli who is no longer ashamed to be seen with her thick thighs or the waist roll.

Arheli feels safe and beautiful every time she looks in the mirror because she knows she is capable of achieving things she never imagined.

Pole fitness, like living fully (in the full extension of the phrase), is not for everyone because we ALL have the ability to do it, but not everyone ventures to do it.

I challenge you to try it, to dare, the worst that can happen is that you don’t like it. Leave out fears, prejudices, and ‘buts’; pole, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, running, dancing, or walking… The options are endless, you just have to find the right one for you.

Thanks for reading me.

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