#Curvilineschic: You’d Be Perfect…! By Angy Sainz

Today is not post day, but it is #CurvilíneasChic Monday, that’s why I share with you a post that was sent to me last week in which one of my beautiful Curvilineas shares her feelings about being a woman with extra kilos.

Today is not a post day, but it is Monday for #CurvilineasChic , a curvilinear Yo section that I have created to be your space. On this day, the idea is to show their looks and how beautiful they are, however, we know that not only the outside counts and that everything starts inside each one. The question is, what goes through the head of a woman with extra kilos on her body?

I have decided to share with you a post that Angy Sainz from Bolivia sent me last week, a gorgeous Curvilinear follower of this blog, in which shares her feelings about being a woman with extra kilos… I couldn’t agree more with this! text! I must confess that I felt identified.

I hope you like it!


Well, I have decided to explain the issue of being overweight because I see that it is necessary to make our society understand that overweight people, particularly women, are relegated in a certain way, we often hear the phrase “you are beautiful, a good person. “, intelligent, funny, but if you lose a certain amount of kilos you would be perfect!» When I consider that the issue of my weight should not enter a list of values or defects since it is a transitory or variable condition (if I feel like it), obviously for reasons of comfort I would like to lose weight, but not for comply with the absurd standards dictated to me by a society that does not know where it stands!

«Why include my weight in a scale of values? it’s stupid!»

How strongly do we not remember the moment(s) in which they called us fat on the street or when, when asking for a garment, they denied us any information with the phrase “it is not in your size “? Behold the eternal return of guilt. The desire to tear off pieces of the body and starve to death. And it reaches the limit that breaks desire, as that kitsch song says. Because the absence of it arrives (not only sexual, intellectual; the instinctual, vital…) and something inside one must break to understand that there is a prevailing need for greater analysis and that sometimes forming a body is more complicated than creating a homeland.

This is not an aesthetic concern. The importance of visibility is projective and tangential in a political sense. The woman’s body is used as a tool for disempowerment, it is used as a method of objectification. Women in the political sphere are mostly questioned for how they look, for how they dress and comb their hair, rather than for their message. The lack of women and diverse women in the public sphere threatens the new generations with a lack of participation, a lack of identification, and references. We do not allow absences. The concepts of fatness today are not the innocent caloric equation, fat women have been denied self-definition, and we have been relegated to being conceived by others, by doctors, by friends, by the couple, by the cinema, by television, the market, advertising, by the muses of art.


because today fatness is a widespread and unpleasant feeling regardless of numbers. This display can be uncomfortable for many. Fat is normalized as “the contemporary scourge.”

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY OF JOY, AESTHETIC, EROTICISM, SENSUALITY, FASHION, AND HEALTH IN A FAT BODY, I am overweight and I have neither high cholesterol, nor high sugar, nor any type of health problem; I have very skinny friends who, confident in their metabolism, are saturated with junk and have arteries full of grease and cholesterol problems… Scientifically, your appearance does not determine your interior!

That the conscious fight against the arbitrariness of the sign is recognized. That being fat is not the worst thing that can happen to you in life, (the number of times I’ve heard that is incredible) and that activism can be personal, daily, pamphleteering, protest, and media, but the goal is always to enable a perspective different in oneself and others, to understand that THINGS ARE NOT NECESSARILY AS ESTABLISHED.

Explaining what one feels is an exhausting process. But there is no other. We have to extend ourselves to everyday spaces. I deeply believe that this is what will enable real changes in entrenched behaviors and perceptions regarding the susceptibility of bodies.

And it is a duty for those of us who try to reinforce the self-esteem of those around us or of future generations.

PS I am not at all in favor of being overweight that threatens physical health but I am in the fight for acceptance in favor of psychological health.

I read it again and sigh. What emotional words.

And you Curvilineas, what do you think? What can we do to change schemes? What have you done when you run into someone pointing at you?

Do not forget to comment that if you have something to say, you are in the right place to do it.

Many thanks to Angy for sharing this text with me and for making me feel accompanied. We are not alone in this, we will always have ourselves and other women who suffer or have gone through the same thing as us. And you, what do you think about being a woman with extra kilos?

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