Does Kim Kardashian really think we believe she cooks?

One would think that the woman who best masters the art of personal branding would know hers a little better. Kim Kardashian, raised in the same family that never taught Kendall Jenner to cut a cucumber, has just published an ad in which she prepares some vegetable nuggets and all the responses comment on what is an open truth for everyone: “please if this woman does not cook”.

Does Kim Kardashian really think we believe she cooks

In the post sponsored by Beyond Meat (the favorite brand of vegan Travis Barker and his wife Kourtney Kardashian), Kim says that “as a busy mom” she always looks for “quick and easy” food options for her four children. Things that are “healthy and delicious.” In 10 minutes, she explains – and she’s definitely not reading from a teleprompter – that with an air fryer you can whip up some (plant-based) faux chicken nuggets for the family. And listen, you sure can!

I’m sure that at some point in her life, Kim Kardashian has put some frozen nuggets in the air fryer and prepared a meal for her children. It seems like something she could handle. And that she is very busy, with her business, her program, and her law studies. But it is not as she needs this as optional. She has a chef and access to every home delivery service on the face of the Earth. This product is not meeting any need in her life! The very idea that she could depend on some nuggets from Beyond Meat to feed their children is ridiculous. We are talking about a woman whose refrigerator is full of milk and little else. The premise is similar to “Kylie Jenner goes to Target,” in that self-awareness has never been her strong point.

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