Former LFO Singer Brian ‘Brizz’ Gillis Dead at 47

Founding LFO member Brian Gillis has died. Its 47 years old bandmate Brad Fischetti who co-founded LFO with Gillis shared the news on Instagram telling fans that he doesn’t know how Gillis died. In his message on Thursday fishetti says the LFO story is a tragedy. A reference to the fact that LFO had already lost two other group members. Cronin another LFO co-founder died in 2010 following a long battle with leukemia. Then in 2018 Devin Lima who joined LFO after Gillis exited the band died of adrenal cancer. Gillis known by his nickname brizz parted ways with LFO before the group found mainstream success in 1999 with its debut album. The Shetty writes in his message that LFO would not exist without gillis’s hard work and dedication.

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