George Stephanopoulos Says All Is ‘Great’ at ‘GMA’ After Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Exit

“Congratulations thank you you’ve been friends with Brooke for years now who approached him first to tell Brooke’s story in Brook’s words.” Rachel Smith

“I approached Brooke and I said your life is incredibly complex and interesting and should be a documentary the entirety of my life it was she’s a pretty face over and over and over and over and over again and that always just seared me I think there’s an even bigger umbrella which is how our culture has sexualized girls starting with you Brooke yeah so I think that there are many lessons in it as well as a story of a woman who’s persevered.” Ali Wentworth

“And what was so great from the beginning is that she understood that in goes with Ali saying that she’s fearless she had to give up control for this to get done and she was willing to do that and it created it helped create just an amazing film that really says something big about the country today and the country when she was growing up I was struggling to find my own voice.” George Stephanopoulos

“I wasn’t told it was important to have agency I mean she talks about some deeply personal traumatic moments including her sexual assault so as executive producers as her friends how do you approach difficult topics like that with such care well.” Rachel Smith

“First of all it’s her story so it’s just if she wanted to tell it that’s great we’ll support her and second of all we only helped sort of scaffold how the message would come out so that you know she was somewhat protected and but she was very clear about you know what she wanted to say about it and how she felt her message would Empower other women and we completely supported him.” Ali Wentworth

“How do you feel like her experiences early on have impacted who she is today.” Rachel Smith

“I think it’s made her incredibly resilient um I think that it gave her the grit and determination to keep moving forward in a positive way I mean I say in the film and I joke to her many times you should either be in rehab or dead and you know as much as is that kind of a funny comment it’s true and so and that’s because of who she is inside that she was able to now have this amazing family.” Ali Wentworth

“And literally be a mom friend they had so many different sides here what you see in this movie you see your humor you see her grit you see her work ethic you see her empathy and you see someone who has run a gauntlet and come out I mean that’s what’s so inspiring about it.” George Stephanopoulos

“I heard someone else that’s very inspiring your friend Michael J fox he’s coming out with a new documentary.” Rachel Smith

“I can’t wait to see it now.” Ali Wentworth

“We’re best friends. The friend group here is just on fire right now.” Rachel Smith

“It’s really exciting.” Ali Wentworth

“And there’s a lot of Buzz going on at gma3 DeMarco and Geo are rumored to be candidates for gma3 hosting duties.” Rachel Smith

“I’m too tired and old thank you they’re doing great.” Ali Wentworth

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