Jamie Lee Curtis Says Her Oscar Is ‘They/Them” After Transgender Child

Over the last several years we’ve seen the ratings for Hollywood award shows hit all-time lows and even the Oscars which people tuned into to see if we’d have a repeat of the Will Smith Chris Rock incident. Even with a boost in ratings, it was still the third worst of all time. The reason being people are tired of woke Hollywood Elites. Normal people are sick and tired of having the privileged people in Hollywood preach to them about how they should live their lives all while patting themselves on their backs.

So when Jamie Lee Curtis won best supporting actress and only had 45 seconds. She wasn’t able to go on her normal platform of pushing a transgender ideology. She was able to thank her daughter, Ruby, however. But it didn’t just end there in fact Jamie Lee Curtis decided to name the Oscar she won in honor of her daughter Ruby you can’t make this kind of up. Woke actor Jamie Lee Curtis makes every viewer of Today’s Show cringe after calling her Oscar to reward them, and yes, indeed, this is true. They didn’t catch on to it at the Today’s Show somehow they’re not woke enough. They didn’t realize that Jamie Lee Curtis was giving her Oscar their pronouns at the time this is so stupid. They are settling in great after my transgender daughter Ruby. I’m naming it are they them I this is uh pretty confusing but yes you do have she’s been very outspoken about transgender uh rights and things like that ever since her daughter Ruby came out. I don’t know if you can tell from this picture which one of them is Ruby but you could probably take your best guess.

This is one of the reasons people have stopped tuning in to these award shows because if she had longer than 45 seconds because they were running late. She likely would have gotten into this during her acceptance speech instead she just had to push it to the interviews after but these are not ordinary people. They Might Think in their Echo chamber they might think that all ordinary people think. This way this is not the reality of the fact that you’re referring to your Oscar award as they them just another completely cringe-worthy moment. From awoke Hollywood Elite these people truly are insane they are out of touch with reality, uh but they think that we should all worship them. Let me know your thoughts about Jamie Lee Curtis being aware of the fact that she named it after her trans daughter Ruby and they made her award as they them Absolute cringe.

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