Kaley Cuoco Celebrates With Daughter Matilda in First Easter Outfit

Cuoco and Tom Pelfrey celebrate their baby in first Easter Outfit.

“I think it’s going to be interesting for people to see me what you know this new phase in life and just being very open about it.”  

Kaley Cuoco

On Sunday the new mama shared a few snaps to her instagram story. That’s Tom holding their newborn daughter Matilda while Kaylee lays a kiss on her forehead.

“It was all the things and it is such a sweet fun way you know.”

Kaley Cuoco

In another shot the fam of three poses for a selfie. Kaylee with her arm wrapped around her man while he cradles their little girl. But seriously it’s the itty bitty yawn and Tiny pastel Easter dress for me.

“I think she might be a little bit of a go-getter definitely like Tom and I but uh not stop non-stop moving which is exactly how I am.”

Kaley Cuoco

Kaylee and Tom welcome their daughter to the World on March 30th sharing these pics from the hospital calling Matilda the new light of their lives.

“They asked me what’s your plan have you read books, I have no plan and I’ve read zero books so that’s the type of Mom I will be.”

Kaley Cuoco

After revealing she was pregnant in October Kaylee talked about all things, baby.

“I trust the process um Tom has Googled enough for the both of us.”

Kaley Cuoco

And Kaylee’s Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons told her that she was ready for the job.

“She was a mother-like figure to me for many years on Big Bang even though I’m tremendously older than her. She’s a comforting presence and um no I don’t know it was a pleasure to work with her day in and day out she’s a very warm person I think that child’s lucky to have her for a mother.”

Jim Parsons

Enjoying her new home she told us she has no plans of being a stay-at-home Mama. 

“She’s gonna come to work with me you know Tom and I both love what we do and we’ve really made a commitment to each working at different times and we’ll kind of trade-off so that’s really that is our goal and we’re hoping I think that’s going to work for us but who know again who knows where this was the first for both of us.”

Kaley Cuoco
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