Kaley Cuoco in Pink Wedding Dress in her marriage ceremony with Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve

It is noticed that in every next marriage bride wear white wedding dress. It is like a habit of American citizens to wear white dress on their wedding ceremonies. Did you ever thought about to wear a coloured dress on you wedding event? Either your answer is yes or no but Kaley Cuoco done proved it by wearing a beautiful Pink Wedding dress on her marriage with Ryan Sweeting. They were engaged from previous days and decided to get marriage and get married. Every one got shocked when she came on screen because she was not in white wedding dress but was in a pink beautiful dress. It was a strapless candy floss pink frock. It was pretty sugary pink dress.   Kaley cuoco is an American new actress and she married on New Year eve with Ryan Sweeting who is well known personality in the world. In the photo given above it is shown that Kaley is in a sugary tulle dress and she is focus on her frock and her hair is pulled back in a attractive diamond headband.

There are also some more American stars who got married in coloured wedding dresses. Like Adriana de Moura got knot with her husband in dove grey embroidered gown. Shenae Grimes also chooses a black Vera Wang dress for her wedding ceremony. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel were also found in traditional pink gowns. Sofia Coppola who is a movie director also chooses lilac Alaia Dress on her French nuptials.

So it is proved that there are lots of Americans and UK citizens like to wear coloured wedding dress instead of traditional white frocks on their wedding events. It is admirable because they look more beautiful in these pink, red, black frocks as compare to in white. So we give you advice to be in coloured on your wedding ceremonies. We have beautiful Asian traditional frocks collection on this site from which you can choose many pretty frocks for your wedding event. Take time to see http://www.fashionreleases.com/category/bridal-dresses/.

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