My Beloved Tulle Skirt

If there is a super feminine garment in the trends for this summer, it is the tulle skirt. Even if it was not a trend, I would love it because it is simply wonderful.

The tulle skirt is another “no-go” item for curvy women due to its layers and added volume to the lower body, however, this blogger does NOT like no-gos. I promote dressing for you and your taste. In my world, there are no “forbidden items” only well-kept outfits.

Because of the above, I decided to look for my beloved tulle skirt… When I couldn’t find it, I just had to do it with my little hands 😀And this was the result:

No matter what they say, we all have the right to fashion; to see each other, and feel beautiful. Don’t pay attention if they tell you “that doesn’t suit you”. If you feel good, of course, it will fit you! No greater approval is needed than yours.

Let’s hope that brands turn to this side of the market soon: Plus-size women also want clothes and accessories for themselves 😀

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