Richard Madden Reflects on 10-Year Anniversary of Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding (Exclusive Interview) | The Mountain in Game of Thrones

“It has been and I had to keep fact checking myself that it has actually been 10 years since the most traumatic episode of television in the world and I think you know what I’m gonna say it’s a little episode called The Red Wedding of Game of Thrones.” Ash Crossan said.

“Geez that was horrible, I still have PTSD from it.” Priyanka Chopra said.

“I don’t watch weddings on HBO.” Ash Crossan said.

“I’m taking away weddings from you.” Priyanka Chopra said.

“Can you believe it’s been 10 years and how often is that brought up to you.” Ash Crossan said.

“Yeah, still fond memories of that whole experience and I mean not that particular scene but the whole experience I have four memories of. It was kind of you know it’s nice to be back into you know recurring serious drama where you get so much time to tell a story and then you get these huge payoffs like that you know three seasons deep we got to have this you know horrible death with characters that you’re invested in. I mean I think that’s kind of our ambition here to is to create a huge world and get to know these people well.” Richard Madden said.

“You get to use some amazing spy gadgets in the show some fun things if you could take any of them home make them a reality which spy gadget would you want to have.” Ash Crossan asked.

“Richard’s freaking watch hologram.” Priyanka Chopra replied.

“I won the Hologram that can just go around and do stuff for me.” Richard Madden added.

“Daddy didn’t make me very cool gadgets he got me like a compact that becomes a grenade I don’t agree but the Hologram is amazing to stick them in front of a Zoom.” Priyanka Chopra completed her reply.

“I don’t know you’re not there right you guys have done a range from rom-coms to menacing action is there an itch that you feel like either of you have not scratched yet that you would love to do in your career?” Ash Crossan asked.

“I mean I have a lot I feel like in my Hindi language or Bollywood career I did many many varieties of genres and Bots and I feel like in my English language work I want to do a lot more of that drama I don’t know what it is but um that’s something I want to explore a little bit of on my ear.” Priyanka Chopra replied.

“I’d like to do something in common I know it’s nice to not I mean we go to work every day and we’re like you’re gonna die it’s like I’ve been killed so many times it’s something fun for a minute can I do something fun I’m putting that out there something in the comedy.” Richard Madden added.

“You heard it here first.” Priyanka Chopra huffed.

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