ZS Textile Eid Collection 2024 with Price

ZS Textile introduced its new Zara Embroidered Eid Dress Collection by ZS Textile. This is a unique dress collection for Eid. ZS Textile is a famous fashion dresses brand in Pakistan. It always comes with attractive, unique, and fabulous dress ranges for girls. Every dress collection of ZS Textile becomes famous in a very short time period due to its charming look. Their fabric quality is always high as compared to other brands’ fabric.

As you know that girls always prepare suits for eid one month before it. For the sake of new suits, they come to our site for the latest eid dress collections because we are early presented with suits collections for eid.  Today we are here with a new collection that is Zara Eid Collection by ZS Textile. This complete collection is made of bright & charming shades that you have never seen before in other collections. This Zara Embroidered Eid Dress Collection by ZS Textile is a collection of printed lawns and a little bit of embroidered work also done on these dresses.

In this Zara Embroidered Eid Dress Collection by ZS Textile, you will find suits for every age of women. Colors are very suitable for every girl and you will be comfortable wearing these dresses because of their cool hues combinations. Color combinations used in this collection are deep sky blue and white, sandy brown and white, sandy brown, saddle brown with medium violet red and white, hot pink with white, steel blue and white, slate gray with crimson, magenta and blue, aqua and white, orange, black and slate gray, dark goldenrod with pink and brown, medium violet red with sienna, plum, and slate gray.

FashionReleases always present you with the latest and unique dress collection nearest to the upcoming events with complete information about dresses that make it easy to select dresses for you. Zara Embroidered Eid Dress Collection by ZS Textile is also representing the dress series for eid for girls and women. Here is a complete photo catalog of these dresses worn by a pretty model. Take time to see photos of the Zara Eid Collection by ZS Textile.

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